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The most outstanding designs of affordable sex toys are available for sale in online adult shops of very good reputation. All users of high quality sex toys get the most exciting nature of the adult entertainment in different ways. As a woman with ever-increasing interests to find, purchase and use the best sex toy, you have to focus on the female sex toy guide given below.

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Every woman has different expectations about the sexual stimulation in their routine life. You have to consider this interest and select an appropriate sex toy. This is advisable to choose a correct size, material and brand of a sex toy when you like the maximum sexual stimulation without compromising your enjoyment, health and overall safety.  You may be a beginner to the sex toy and unable to immediately choose a sex toy category among the following categories. We recommend you a clitoral vibrator because this sex toy is designed to please every female user.

Clitoral Stimulation Female Sex Toy

Many women worldwide achieve orgasm by the direct clitoral stimulation.  They use this easy yet effective method to get the highest possible orgasm. There are minimum 8000 nerve endings in the clitoris. These nerves make the clitoris very sensitive to any touch. Different brands of clitoral vibrators are available on the market at this time.  These sex toys repeatedly and rhythmically stimulate every nerve without a user’s requirement to concentrate on the speed with her hands. Once you have bought this sex toy, you can lie back and enjoy the sexual stimulation by letting this vibrator does the best work.

The bullet vibrator is one of the most popular and recommended clitoral vibrators. The compact size of this sex toy supports women to keep it into their handbag and bedside drawer.  Many couples make use of this sex toy for enhancing the sexual pleasure to a great extent. The small shape of this sex toy plays a leading role behind the happiness of couples.

Advanced-user-friendly design of female sex toys

Female Sex Toy Guide

Vaginal stimulation 

Almost every woman loves the vaginal penetration in different ways. They search for high quality sex toys designed particularly for the vaginal stimulation as maximum as possible. Once they have chosen, bought and begun using a vaginal stimulator, they can enjoy the most pleasurable vaginal penetration.  They can prefer and use dildos and rabbit vibrators designed to fulfil vaginal stimulation desires. The rabbit vibrator is made by sex and the city in the late 90’s for satisfying all users who love a good combination of powerful vibrations, vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation. The foremost attraction of these rabbit vibrators is its distinctive shape of the clitoral stimulator. Every user of this stimulator experiences the most pleasurable orgasms and recommends it to others.

You may expect a lot about the vaginal stimulation by itself. You can prefer and use the sex toy namely dildo. Dildos are available in different designs, colors and sizes. Realistic penis shaped and non-anatomical phallic dildos are available on the market. All users of any dildo from a leading brand nowadays have the complete control over the depth, intensity and speed of thrusting. The latest designs of dildos have a suction cup base. Users of these sex toys can place one of such toys on the smooth surface and take pleasure in hands-free riding.

G-Spot stimulation    

Some women are fans of G-spot stimulation at this time. They experience the full body orgasms whenever they stimulate their G-spot in different ways.

In general, the G-spot is located one to three inches inside the vagina towards the belly button on the front wall. This part contains a cluster of nerve endings. You can feel slightly bumpy when you touch this part on your own. Every G-spot vibrator is properly curved to reach this spot. Some women experience the maximum pleasure and ejaculate when they correctly use the G-spot stimulator.

You can buy and use any sex toy with a unique curve for enjoying the G-spot stimulation. We have loads of designs of affordable G-spot stimulators including rabbits and dual vibrators for extra clitoral vibrations.

Love eggs

Two types of love eggs are available in our time. The first type is vibrating love eggs. These love eggs give automatic stimulation when users inserted them into their vagina. These sex toys are also used for clitoral stimulation. Users can control such sex toys through a wired or remote setup.  The second type is Ben Wa Balls, Kegel Balls, Love Balls and Jiggle Balls. These sex toys are designed to satisfy exercise and pleasure conscious women. Once these small yet heavy love balls sit inside the vagina, they roll around and knock when user moves.  The vaginal muscles contract and work out the overall pelvic floor take place by this knocking movement.

Nipple play

Nipple play genre of sex toys enhances orgasmic sensations. You may know that nipples are incredibly sensitive. Once you have decided to play with this erotic part on your body, you can explore a wide range of clamps, ties and suckers designed to give pleasurable pain to your foreplay for additional arousal as expected.

Anal play

Every user of the anal sex toy is the happiest person in the world. This is because a proper use of the anal sex toy produces the pleasurable sensations that cannot happen on any other part of the physique at any time. There is a flared base in anal toys to prevent toys from being inserted entirely. Straight-forward insertable anal beads, dildos and powerful vibrators in anal toys intensify sensations further. Users of any anal sex toy have to properly use an appropriate lubricant. The most common lubricants are silicone lube and water based lube.

This is advisable to begin with a slim butt plug or small anal beads to start anal play at the first time.

We hope you learn different aspects of sex toys for female in this guide and make certain about how to enjoy the wild and fun sex. You can feel free to make contact with our customer services team on whenever you seek further details or advices regarding sex toys.